My C.O.R.E. Network


Welcome to my core network, a premier networking group

  1. Q.What does C.O.R.E. mean? 

  2. A.Concentrated On Relationship Excellence

  1. Q.Why is C.O.R.E. different?

  2. A.C.O.R.E. is different because of 3 main reasons:

  3. 1)We very carefully and uniquely recruit highly qualified and distinguished professionals from different industries.  Generally this means, we have Award Winning and Industry leading experts. 

  4. 2)When referrals are exchanged the members focus on the QUALITY of the lead instead of the QUANTITY. 

  5. 3)Our focus is largely on developing strong relationships and trust between the members.

  1. Q.Where does C.O.R.E. meet? 

  2. A.C.O.R.E. host rotating meetings from member to member.  The hosting member that week caters lunch.  Meetings are by invite only.

  1. Q.What does a typical meeting consist of?

  2. A.Each member in their respective industry provides an update on their industry including an regulatory and legislative changes, competition updates and promotions and specials.

  1. Q.Is there a cost for this group?

A. Besides hosting lunch when the group meets at your location, yes.  A small $50 membership fee pays for the cost of the website.